Gallery and Atelier

Philosophy and method  - Variety and Quality

Gallery Atelier Peter Vassilev exhibits leading works of Peter Vassilev(† 2011) and Mary Manikus since 1996. In the gallery - next to ceramics and artobjects - only original works are exhibited and sold. Fixed policy of the gallery: pure craftsmanship and a certificate accompanying each separate work.The works are presented in a diverse style and execution.

Welcome in our Gallery Peter Vassilev. Be surprised. Enjoy.

Interested in a work by Peter Vassilev of Mary Manikus? Take work(s) non committal a few days in option. Art inspires, communicates and gives allure - at home or at the company.

Peter Vassilev

International success Peter Vassilev 
The Bulgarian /Dutch painter Vassilev enjoyed an international reputation with exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His works were also popular with multinationals buying up entire collections from him or gave the order to produce exclusive collections.

Second home
Together with his wife and artist Mary Manikus Vassilev lived much of his life in Frisian Franeker. In Germany Sauerland, the couple had a so called second home. The works of Vassilev is still exhibited in several hotels and public places in Sauerland. German media called the work of Vassilev 'a voyage of discovery for eyes, soul and spirit. 'He was a critical person. Therefore a critical artist. He was concerned about perfection. He never painted for money only, but for the specific work of art.'

Gallery owner Felicitas Kulte from Schmallenberg, about Peter Vassilev: 'It was this genius artist from the Netherlands, who showed us how beautiful our own Sauerland is, through his marvellous colors and techniques. We are still grateful to have had him here. Peter lives on forever here, on our walls and in our minds.'

Mary Manikus

‘Wonderful memories. Painted memories. By my husband Peter. Those beautiful years - together. A world filled with love. A time in which we enjoyed every day. Each other. Art. His art. Our art. My art ...‘

Mary Manikus: artist, gallery owner. Born in Amsterdam. Lived in Indonesia, Venezuela, New Zealand and Germany. Then – finally: Friesland (Harlingen, Franeker). Studied Art History. Married the artist Peter Vassilev († 2011).

. After 2011, the large collection in the gallery was supplemented with many 'new' works from the years before his death. Peter Vassilev still enjoyes great appreciation in the Netherlands and Germany. The artist was a skilled, productive and intelligent painter, positive publications and reviews have been published – Within his own style always looking for new insights and techniques.

In addition to her work as a gallery owner and manager from the artistic heritage of Vassilev, Mary paints in her own interesting style. Started as an autodidact, later trained by Peter Vassilev. In the gallery the work of Vassilev dominates, complimented by Mary's works.

'I enjoy living among the beautiful, intense pieces of Peter, every day. For me, Peter continues to live through them. Also during in my work. Because I was not only his wife, but also his pupil. And maybe I still am ...'